Winix c545 vs c555: Know Which One Is Best

Are you wondering about which is best between the comparison of Winix c545 vs c555.  While both models offer many of the same features, there are some key differences that may help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs. In this article, we will take a closer look at these two models and see how they compare. By the end of this comparison, you should have a good idea of which one is right for you. Let’s get started!

Winix c545 vs c555: Key Differences

1. Air Purification System

The first major difference between the Winix c545 and the Winix c555 is the type of air purification system that each model uses. The c545 uses a 3-stage filtration system, while the c555 uses a 5-stage filtration system.

The 3-stage filtration system on the c545 includes a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a true HEPA filter. This system is effective at removing large airborne allergens, smoke, dust, and pet dander from the air.

The 5-stage filtration system on the c555 adds two additional filters to the mix: a washable pre-filter and a plasma wave technology filter. These additional filters help to remove smaller airborne allergens, bacteria, and viruses from the air.

2. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Another important difference to consider is the clean air delivery rate (CADR) of each model. The CADR is a measure of an air purifier’s ability to clean the air in a room. The c545 has a CADR of 240 m3/h, while the c555 has a slightly higher CADR of 250 m3/h. This means that the c555 will be able to clean the air in a room slightly faster than the c545.

3. Noise Level

The noise level is another important consideration when choosing an air purifier. The c545 has a noise level of 50 dB, while the c555 has a noise level of 53 dB. This means that the c545 will be slightly quieter than the c555.

4. Power Consumption

The final difference to consider is the power consumption of each model. The c545 has a power consumption of 60 watts, while the c555 has a power consumption of 65 watts. This means that the c545 will be slightly more energy-efficient than the c555.

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Winix c545 vs c555: Which is best?

So, which one of these models is the best air purifier for you? It really depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for an air purifier with a powerful filtration system that can remove a wide variety of airborne allergens, bacteria, and viruses, then the Winix c555 is the better choice. However, if you are looking for an air purifier that is slightly quieter and more energy-efficient, then the Winix c545 may be a better fit for you.

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Main Features of Winix c545 vs c555

Winix c545 Features

Winix c545 panel

  • Plasmawave Technology
  • Washable Carbon Filter
  • 5 stage Air Purification
  • Inbuilt features like a timer button for scheduling, Auto Mode, Sleep mode
  • Remote Controller

Winix C545 Pros & Cons

  • High performance
  • Smart features on a budget
  • High fan power
  • Energy Star rating
  • High filter replacement cost

Winix c555 Features


  • Plasmawave Technology
  • Washable Carbon Filter
  • 5 stage Air Purification
  • Inbuilt features like a timer button for scheduling, Auto Mode, Sleep mode
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Alexa Voice Control Compatible
  • Smartphone App

Pros & Cons

  • Solid built
  • Much better performance with 5-stage air filtration system
  • Low cost
  • High filter replacement cost

Auto Mode:

Both Winix c545 & Winix c555 come with a built-in auto mode button. Auto mode adjusts fan speed according to the indoor air quality when you turn on the auto mode. It means any time when your indoor air quality becomes poor. Then air purifier increases the fan speed for air cleaning.

Sleep Mode:

Both Winix c545 and Winix c555 have a sleep mode feature that saves electricity and improves sleep at night. The Sleep mode turns on when the room is dark and cleans the air quietly. It turns off the air quality indicator LED lights to reduce light emission. During sleep mode, the fan speed set the lowest setting.

Smart Sensors:

Winix c545 & c555 both have air quality indicator sensors that measure indoor air quality and display on the control panel by different LED light colors.

If the LED color is blue, it means the indoor air quality is Good, or if it’s orange, it means the indoor air is fair, and the red color indicates the indoor air quality is harmful to breathing.

Timer Button:

Winix c555 has a timer button, but in Winix c545, you don’t have an option for the timer button. In Winix c555, you have some specific timing options like 1 hour, 4 hours, and 8 hours.

Remote Control:

Winix c555 comes with a controller remote to operate c555 with this small 20-foot radius. You control Winix c555 with this remote controller like power on/off, fan speed, auto mode. On the other hand, Winix c545 does not have any remote controller.

Wifi Enabled:

Winix c545 has a smartphone app capability and Wifi-enabled. It is also compatible with Alexa for voice control. While on the other hand, Winix c555 has no wifi option & nor smart app capability, so that’s why you control c555 remotely.

Basically, with a Winix smart mobile app, you can easily see the indoor, outdoor air quality and ultimately control the air purifier from anywhere.

Winix C545 & c555 Room Coverage

Winix air purifiers are designed specifically for use in medium to large rooms. Winix c545 and C555 can cover the 360 square feet rooms and also Winix c545 is an AHAMA verified air purifier.

If we look at the CADR, then the CADR of Winix c545 is 240 Dust/ 233 Smoke/ 230 Pollen, and on the other hand, Winix c555 CADR is 243 Dust/ 232 Smoke/ 246 Pollen (CFM). It is a similar CADR rating between Winix c555 vs c555.

Sound Comparison of Winix C545 or Winix c555

Winix manufactures an advanced quality air cleaner that generates a shallow level of sound, so that’s why it is one of the best air purifier brands.

Winix c545 & Winix c555 release the 28 Dbl sound on the lowest fan speed mode. And even at high speed, the Winix c555 & c545 only releases white noise, which can improve your working and sleep efficiency.

Design of Winix C545 vs Winix c555

Winix c545 body is built with solid plastic, and its design is classic and different from the Winix air purifiers. It does not look like a cheap air purifier.

Winix c545 has four legs, and on the other hand, in Winix c555, you have a flat surface on the bottom side. And the design of the Winix c555 is similar to Winix c535.

If we look out the dimensions, then the Winix c545 dimensions 23.3 x 15.4 x 11 inches and Winix c555 air purifier height 23.6 inches, it is suitable to put it on the ground or the table.

The Winix c535 weight is 15.97 pounds, So you can easily use the air purifier in your home anywhere. And the Winix c555 is a bit heavier because its weight is 38 pounds, and it’s hard to change the place of your Winix c555.

Our Recommendation:

I think you understand the features and filtration system difference between Winix c545 and c555 entirely. If you are still confused about which one is better, then choose one. We strongly recommend you.

Winix c545 and Winix c555 are the two best air purifiers, but in Winix c555, you have the high-quality True HEPA Filter & Washable Carbon filter that is good for air cleaning.

If we look at the Winix c545, then Winix is one of the best smart air purifiers. You can control this air purifier with your Smartphone And Alexa voice command.

If you want a highly efficient air cleaner, so need to buy Winix c555 that will improve your home’s air quality. Or if you want a smart air purifier, then Winix c545 is a fantastic air purifier at this low price.


Here We share the Winix c545 vs c555 comparison report. We discuss the features of Winix c545 and Winix c555 deeply with pros and cons. Now you can choose whatever seems suitable to you. We hope that your buying experience becomes smooth and comfortable after reading the comparison in Winix c545 and Winix c555.