Winix C535 Air Purifier Review 2023 & Buying Guide

Winix makes some of the best top-rated units, and here you read the complete Winix c535 air purifier review. Winix c535 is a slightly older model, but it still has many features with easy and comfortable use if we talk about this air purifier’s air cleaning process.

Then the first most crucial thing in this air purifier is the 4 stage air purification system. It comes equipped with a HEPA filter for particle filtration a carbon filter for gas filtration.

It also exhibits excellent energy efficiency, low noise output, and it’s a great value. You can generally find this unit price somewhere around one hundred fifty and two hundred without shipping. Four stage air cleaning systems will be helping to clean your indoor air. 

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Winix c535 Filters


The first one is the pre-filter. The is the washable filter. The pre-filter captures the most significant floating particles’ indoor air so that the other two filters remove the remaining small particles quickly and easily.

This filter work in your air purifier for a lifetime. You clean the pre-filter after every two weeks because if the pre-filter is so dirty. Then the air purifier doesn’t perform the best cleaning services.

HEPA Filter

The second is the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter cleans 99.97% of airborne pollution; dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens as small as 0. 3 microns Particles From the air.

If you use the air purifier for 24 hours, you will need to replace your air purifier Hepa filter within eight to twelve months.

Carbon Activated Filter

The third is the Carbon activated filter like your Winix air purifier c535 Hepa filter. This an important filter that helps with allergies and bad smells. Carbon activated filter is also not for a lifetime. After eight to twelve months, you will need to replace it. 

Pros & Cons

  • Plasma Wave Technology
  • Timer Mode
  • Sleeping mode
  • Work Quietly
  • Four fan speed level
  • Without UV Light Technology

Winix Plasmawave technology help against common allergies and bad smell. You can bring the benefits of Nature’s hydroxyl radical cleaning process indoors where you live and work by sealing our buildings from the elements outside.

We have sealed the toxins released from common home materials and household products inside now in our own homes. We suffer from allergies, chemical sensitivities, and families relive the same colds and flu over.

The Winix plasma wave air cleaners wash your home with a wave of plasma tens of thousands of negative and positive ions released each second.

The plasma ions interact with the water molecules to release the hydrogen and oxygen that form hydroxyl radicals, just like those found in the atmosphere as in Nature.

The hydroxyl swiftly attacks Airborne pollutants. Viruses smoke chemical Vapors destroying their molecular structure reforming the atoms into a water vapor or other equally harmless molecules leaving the air fresh and clean.

The Winix plasma-wave air cleaning system is safe, silent effective. It’s the cleanest air you can make yourself. Winix plasma wave air cleaners clean the air indoors the way Nature cleans the air outdoors.

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  • Plasma Wave Technology
  • Timer Mode
  • Sleeping mode
  • Operate Quietly
  • Four fan speed level


  • Without UV Light Technology




Winix c535 has many advanced functions controlled by a control panel on the device’s top or via a remote controller. There are button indicators, a smart sensor, a filter reset button, and a light sensor.

The buttons on the control panel, by pressing the power button, the c535 will turn on or shut down the mode button to switch the operating mode.

It is possible to automatically select sleep mode auto mode or manual mode auto mode, and sleep mode works automatically. In contrast, manual mode allows you to choose the desired fan speed. The plasma wave button is used to turn plasma wave technology on or off.

Pressing the fan speed button changes the fan speed from speed 1 to speed 4. The timer option will turn off the device after one hour, four hours, or eight hours.

The remote controller is a cool add-on in the c535 model. The remote controller comes with a battery. The following options power on or off auto mode is changing fan speed and turbo mode.

The device is characterized by white color except for the control panel, which is black. The c535 is a large device square and, in some ways, reminiscent of an antique design.

This device has a carrying handle on the back. The Winix c535 draws air directly from the front of the device, and through openings on the sides, the air is then filtered. Clean filtered air comes out on the top of the device and moves vertically upwards. 


Advanced options to highlight in the Winix c535 model are sensors and auto mode. The smart sensor measures the air quality in the room.

The current air quality is measured with a smart sensor’s help. And the air purifier will be displayed in different colors on the air quality indicator.

The indicator blue color indicates that the air quality is good, orange means that the air quality is fair, and red indicates that the air quality is low.

The smart sensor also has a light sensor that measures the room’s quiet auto mode will change the fan speed based on the intelligent sensor’s data or switch the way to sleep mode.


The Winix c535 has four speeds and a sleep mode. You can assume that the noise levels are diverse. The device is very quiet in sleep mode, which is a significant advantage, especially if you plan to use it in the bedroom. At first speed, the Winix c535 produces 42.4 dba at second speed 44.2 dba at third speed 47.1 dba at fourth speed 63.2 dba.


The c535 is designed for rooms up to 360 square feet. In the first test, the Winx c535 improved air quality by about 95, lowering the AQI from 107 to 5 in just 60 minutes. It’s important to note that the device dropped the AQI below 50 in the first 30 minutes. The fact that it worked on turbo mode the entire time.

In the second test, we on Winix c535 with the auto mode in 60 minutes. The AQI was lower from 86 to 9, and the air was improved by about 90 percent. The performance tests of the Winix c535 had excellent results and thus proved its worth.

Our Promise

If you leave the Winix c535 running at turbo mode 24 hours a day for a month, your electricity bill will increase by about four dollars and 80 cents. Winix c535 is the best air purifier for large rooms. Healthy air with Winix c535 is our promise.


Q: Is this a new model Winix c535 and c555? how does it compare to P300 and P450?

All these are Costco unique models that are very much like this 5300-2/5500-2c535 is approximately equal to 5300-2 but includes a distant c555 comes with the washable carbon of 5500-2 and includes the orange anti-microbial treated HEPA filter.

Q: Do you run it 24/7?

Yes, I conduct the air cleaner 24/7. On auto, it goes to a very silent slow speed that moves a little bit of air when it is dark. Additionally, it does a beautiful job feeling air quality and altering speeds as required. My allergies are not bad, but I have been sleeping better since I started using my Winix.

Q: Do I need two of the Winx products for a very stuffy New York apartment? I already have one in my bedroom. Do I need another one for the living room?

I have 1,100. Square foot house and I just use the 1 air purifier. I don’t turn it off. It automatically continues off. I live miles out of a 58-acre fire and 20 kilometers out of a 38-acre fire burning near to me. No smoke in my home.