Winix AM90 vs C545, Which is the Better Option in 2022?

Here we discuss the Winix AM90 & Winix c545 with the complete comparison between Winix AM90 vs c545. Winix AM90 is one of the best smart air purifiers of the Winix brand, and also it wins the title on Amazon choice. On the other hand, Winix c545 is just an excellent reputed air purifier in the market.

 Winix AM90 is the primary model of the Winix brand but still in this air purifier, some prominent advanced feature like Alex voice control in this low budget. 

On the other hand, Winix AM90 is the easiest budget air purifier with excellent output. Stay with us and read the complete comparison between Winix AM90 vs c545 and know what you gain and lose if you chose which one.

Comparison Table of Winix AM90 Versus Winix c545

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Filters Comparison Between Winix AM90 & Winix c545

Before choosing an air purifier for your home, office, basement, and bedroom, first, you need to understand the filtration system and the filter quality of any air purifier you want to buy because these filters are the most crucial part. 

Winix AM90 & Winix c545 comes with a 4 stage filtration system, including a Pre-Filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and the last one is Plasmawave Technology.

Pre-filter: A pre-filter captures the large floating particles and airborne dust and increases the True HEPA filter and Carbon filter lifespan. A pre-filter is an utterly washable filter, and you can use this in your air purifier for a lifetime.

True HEPA Filter: Basically, a True HEPA filter cleans the 0.3-micron size particles and others like dust, pollen, allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold, and fungi particles from the indoor air. 

The True HEPA filter cleans 99.97% of indoor polluted air and provides you the healthy air for breathing.

Activated Carbon Filter: The Activated Carbon filter reduces VOCs, home odors, kitchen smells odors, smog, smoke, and harmful smells.

Plasmawave Technology: The Plasmawave is one of the ionizers, which can reduce dust mites, and fungi, and other pollutants. It’s on you. You can switch on or off the technology.

Design & Size Comparison of Winix AM90 vs c545

Winix AM90 vs c545

The Winix AM90 is a gorgeous air purifier of the Winix brand, and its body design is a 3D rectangular shape with full white color. The Winix AM90 looks like an expansive air purifier because of its unique design. 

If we look at the dimension of Winix AM90, its length is 15.1 inches, 8.7 inches wide, height 23.5 inches, and the weight of this air purifier is 16.5 pounds.

If we compare this to Winix c545, then c545 has a solid plastic structure, and the design is similar to Winix c535 and Winix c555. 

In Winix c545, you don’t get the plane surface on the bottom because it has four legs. It also comes in white tone color. Not a big difference if we measure the dimension of the Winix AM90 to Winix c545.

Room Coverage

Mostly Winix air purifiers designed to be used in medium to large rooms. The Winix AM90 & c545 are capable of up to 360 square feet of rooms.

The ACH of Winix AM90 & Winix c545 is the same 4X. It means Winix AM90 & c545 clean air changes in an hour 4 time.

If we look at the CADR, then the CADR of Winix AM90 is 240 Dust/ 233 Smoke/ 230 Pollen, and on the other hand, Winix c545 CADR is 243 Dust/ 232 Smoke/ 246 Pollen (CFM). It is a similar CADR rating to the Winix c555 and Winix c535.

 Sound Comparison Between Winix AM90 vs Winix c545

Silent operation is the key feature of Winix brand air purifiers in the previous & still in this year. Winix manufactures similar fan speed air purifiers like Winix 5500-2, Winix c535, so that’s why Winix’s best air purifier works quietly at low fan speed mode.

Winix c545 & Winix AM90 release the 28 decibels sound on the low fan speed, and even on high speed, the Winix AM 90 & c545 only releases white noise, Which actually can improve your working and sleep efficiency.  

Power Consumption Comparison 

Most peoples thinking an air purifier uses much energy air purifier must be used for a long time to be efficient. Power consumption is the most important thing in an air purifier.

The Winix c545 and Winix AM90 use 65 watts, and if you are using Winix AM90 8 hours per day, It Would cost you about 23$ per year. The Winix AM90 & Winix c545 are energy star certified

Features Comparison Between Winix AM90 vs c545

The Winix AM90 is undeniably the best Smart air purifier of this Korean brand if you have an Alexa device in your home.

You connect it with the Winix AM90 to deliver the hand-free voice control to your device. You can easily control this device with your voice. You can use the Wi-Fi connectivity function alternatively and control this Winix AM90 with the Winix Smart app. This feature is also available in the new Winix c545.

Mostly the features of Winix AM90 & Winix c545 are similar. The y have the real-time indoor air quality sensor that displays the different LED light colors based on the room ai quality.

In Mode, the Winix c545 & Winix AM90 has four fan speed modes, auto mode, and sleep mode.

You can adjust the fan speeds, and if you switch on the auto mode, then the air purifier automatically changes the fan speed based on indoor air quality.

In these air purifiers, you have a sleep mode option that improves your night sleeping and works quietly. In these two air purifiers, you have the filter’s lifespan indicator that will remind you of the filter replacement date. 

You have the timer mode button in Winix AM90 and also C545. You can easily set the timer to 2,4,8 hours with this timer on the panel.

The yearly filter cost of Winix AM90 is 79$, but if you use our best deal, you can buy these filters for just 35$ to 40$ dollars

And if you want to buy the Winix c545 filters, you will need to pay 59$ dollar per year.

Our Recommendation:

Winix AM90 & the Winix C545 are the two best air purifiers of the Winix brand. But you can choose one based on some major differences between Winix AM90 versus C545. 

The negative fact of the Winix c545 yearly filters cost is so high. And the second, it doesn’t have the Alexa controlling option. In Winix AM90 and Winix c545, you have a different design, but the filtration system and most features are common.

If you want a smart air purifier, we strongly recommend the Winix AM90 even the Winix c545 is the best air purifier.


Here We share the Winix AM90 vs c545 comparison report. We discuss the features of Winix AM90 and Winix c545 deeply with pros and cons. Now you can choose whatever seems suitable for you. We hope that your buying experience becomes smooth and comfortable after reading the comparison in Winix AM90 and Winix c545.