My House Smells Like Ferret?-( Causes & 10 Solution) in 2023

Ferrets contain a natural musky odor generally created by scent sacs found near their anus. The odor basically assists the ferrets in marking their territory in the forest. Still, the smell becomes an issue when you have ferrets at your home. Getting rid of the smell is difficult but not impossible. 

Have you ever walked into a room and smelled something that you couldn’t identify, but made your nose wrinkle? Maybe it was a weird smell in your basement, or a strange odor in your bedroom. 

Well, if you have, there’s a good chance that whatever you were smelling was coming from a ferret. Yep, those cute little creatures can sometimes produce an awfully strong smell! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the reason why ferrets have such a powerful aroma, and what you can do to minimize the ferret smell in your house. Keep reading to learn more!

What could be causing my house smells like Ferret?

Ferrets have a very musky smell that some people don’t really mind. In fact, most ferret owners get used to the smell and don’t even notice it after a while. However, if you’re not an experienced ferret owner or just haven’t spent much time around them, the odor can be pretty strong when they first enter your house.

And sometimes, no matter how long you’ve owned them for, odors like this will come out of nowhere and make you wonder what is in your basement or in your bedroom.

Well the truth is that every ferret’s body gives off an oil that has a really strong scent. When combined with their urine and feces (which also smells pretty bad) their musk becomes quite noticeable.

So the next time you notice that your house smells like ferret, sniff around in places where your ferret spends a lot of time. If you still can’t figure out where the smell is coming from, it could be time to call in an expert.

A ferrets musk glands are located at the base of its tail and emit an oily scent. This scent not only serves as an identifying marker for other animals, but also warns predators to stay away (ferrets are pretty docile creatures). This type of odor isn’t something that’s easy to get rid of (you’ll never smell it on another animal), which is why your house may occasionally smell like ferret. 

10 Way To Control Ferret Odor From Your House

1. Try to Keep the Ferret Clean 

You need to bathe your ferret at least once a month. Remember that over-bathing your pet will only worsen the odor because water plunders away the oils from the ferret’s skin. Ferret’s body starts to generate more oil to fill the gap, which will ultimately cause more odor. 

One of the best ways to bathe your ferret is to fill a tub with water and then drop your pet in the water. Always keep the ferret’s head out of the water and make sure that the water is warm.

Get a ferret-friendly shampoo from pet stores and scrub your ferret. Remember to never use human shampoo or conditioner on your pet, as they can be very toxic. 

2. Wash your ferret’s bedding

Wash your ferret’s bedding once a week or so, or place new bedding in its cage every day. Keeping their sleeping area clean will get rid of any musk that has been left behind from rolling around on dirty bedding.

3. Keep Clean Ferret Ears 

You need to clean the ears of the ferret every week, and the best way to clean ears is to pour a tiny amount of earn cleaning solution into a pan and dip the cotton swab into the water. Get the cotton swab out and rub it along the outer ear of your cute ferret. Carefully rub the cotton swab deeper into the ear of your pet and rotate it as you wash. 

Besides, you can easily buy an earn cleaning solution at any pet store. 

4. Clean the Teeth of Your Ferret Once A Week 

Purchase a soft and quality toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for pets. You have to hold your ferret into your lap and use your hand to take the pet’s gums on one of its mouths. Put toothpaste onto the toothbrush and gently move the brush against the ferret’s gum in tiny circles. 

Keep in mind that your ferret will dislike getting its teeth brushed at the start but gradually, it will get familiar with it after some time. 

5. Emasculate Ferret at Early Age 

Ferret’s hormones go into overuse once they reach maturity. This change can basically lead to an uptick in the musky smell of both genders. Emasculating can actually eliminate the pet’s odor, making potential and making them entirely healthier. 

Female ferrets remain in heat until they mate. Hence, they can suffer from anemia. In addition, you should discuss the benefits and drawbacks of neutering your ferret with your vet. 

6. Put cage outside

keep your ferret’s cage outside of your bedroom. This way, the smells won seep into your mattress or pillow and they won’t bother you during the night. 

7. Consistently Clean Litter Box 

You need to clean the litter box at least twice a day. Use a scoop to collect the droppings from your ferret’s little box. Leave some of the droppings behind to remind the ferret what the litter box is for. Whenever the cage looks low on paper or granules, just bring some fresh ones. 

8. Keep your ferret out

Keep your ferret out of areas where the smell is still lingering. For example, if you’ve just painted a room and can still smell paint, try to keep your ferret in another room until the smell dissipates.

9. Use Air Freshener

Use an air freshener (like Levoit & Febreze) when necessary. However, only use these types of products sparingly because they can irritate your ferrets respiratory system and cause lung problems. 

10. Use Air Purifier:

Use of best air purifier for ferret odors will help you to get rid of all bad smells and dust particles from your home.

Steps To prevent your house from smelling like Ferret in the future?

No matter how hard you try to keep your ferrets cage clean, sometimes it’s just not enough to avoid having a strong odor in the house. However, there are some things you can try in order to minimize the scent in your home:

  1. Make sure your ferret isn’t urinating or defecating outside of his litter box. If he is, take him back into its cage and away from the area where he messed up until he learns where he needs to go!

2. Feed your ferret high quality food because this will make their stool less smelly.

3. Give them vitamins every day with their food. This will improve their coat, which makes it easier for them to clean themselves (and leave less oil behind on their fur).

4. Place a couple of boxes in each room your ferret uses. Since most predators don’t like to crawl in tight spaces, this will make your ferret feel safer in his own cage and reduce the need for him to mark areas outside of its box.

5. Clean up after your ferrets when they’re not around (or keep them out of these areas) by thoroughly cleaning cages when they are sleeping or out playing. A clean cage means no reason to mark one’s territory!

Can The Best Air Purifier Help With Ferret Odor? 

As you can observe, even with consistent bathing and cleaning, there can still be traces of that musky smell of your ferret. In this situation, an air purifier can come in handy. It can regularly remove any ferret smell while also cleaning the air. 

Furthermore, not all air cleaners operate to get rid of ferret odor in a room. Most only eliminate impurities from the air. But, those with smell-removing filters can indeed make the house fresher smelling. Lastly, remember that an air purifier is no substitute for consistent cleaning of your pet’s cage and a little box, as well as their weekly bath.