Trusted Germ Guardian AC 4825 Review in 2023

The AC 4825 is the most popular model of the Germ Guardian brand. Here You can read the most in-depth Germ Guardian AC 4825 review. We discuss in this review article. What kind of benefits you can get from it? And What are the downsides of using it?

Germ Guardian AC 4825 has a four-stage filtration system. 

Four in one air purification system with a true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, pre-filter, and UV light kills the airborne viruses.

AC 4825 also cleans the dust, pet dander, allergies, pollen, mold odors, and harmful germs from the indoor air.

This air purifier helps people with asthma and other allergies such as influenza, staph, rhinovirus, and Titanium Dioxide to reduce volatile organic compounds.

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Fan Speed settings

The device has three fan speeds mode that is controlled by a power knob. By turning the power rotate the knob clockwise, the device switches from speed 1 to speed 3.

This air purifier is just for large rooms and not for extra-large rooms, but if you use this air purifier in small spaces, this device will clean it very well.

Quiet operation:

The air purifier operates quietly on the lowest setting of the fan speed. At a high-speed level, this device’s noise level will increase. But in the night time, this device will provide you restful sleep and clean air.

Filter Replacement indicator light

In this unite, just one light indicator bulb when you switch on the air purifier. The light color will green, and when the filter’s dirty, the light color automatically changes to red.

UV Light

The UV light is the most important feature of this air purifier. The UV bulb reduces allergies, airborne viruses such as influenza, staph, rhinovirus, and volatile organic compounds from the indoor air.

The UV light is not for a lifetime. You also need to change this after 10 to 12 months. The UV light bulb uses 55 watts of energy.


This air purifier is rated for its ability to filter tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen from rooms by Ahma certified and carb compliant.

GERM GUARDIAN AC 4825 Filters 

The Germ Guardian air purifier comes with a HEPA filter and a completely different combination of a pre-filter and carbon filter. 


The pre-filter captures the large airborne particles, large floating particles, pet odors, such as pet dander, pets hair, and others. Pre-filter helps the HEPA filter to clean the small particles quickly. 

In this air purifier, the pre-filter and the carbon filter are thoroughly combined. The activated charcoal filter reduces unwanted odors from pets, smoke, cooking fumes, and more. After six to eight months, you will need to change these filters.


You already know this unite only three fan speeds low, medium, and high. This unit outputs at approximately 130 to 140 CFM.

This unit retails for about $80 more or less, depending on where you buy it. GERM GUARDIAN AC 4825 clean the air of the space up to 150 sq. ft.

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  • Best for mold, dust, pet dander, and pollen
  • Best for allergies and asthma suffers
  • Filter’s lifespan indicator
  • UV light for killing viruses and fungi
  • horrible burning plastic odors


What do we like about the AC 4825?: I definitely like the output of this unit at this price. You can generally buy this unit for under $100, and at that price point. There’s not a lot of options that give you this level of output.

This kind of High-level CFM output air purifier price mostly 120$ to 150 dollars. That is a strong positive fact of this unite.  

Another good thing is the true HEPA filter in this air purifier. It does come equipped with that type of filter.

This air purifier has two significant issues. The first one is the combination filter of the carbon filter and pre-filter.

It means the polluted air larger particles stuck into the carbon filter. The result is the carbon filter will worse very quickly. And also, the combination of the carbon filter and prefilter not washable and cleanable. These combination filters cannot capture dust entirely, so this will cause of HEPA filter to destroy very quickly.

This carbon filter does not have a lot of charcoal for gas filtration. On the other hand, different air purifier brands have the same filters, like fibrous material coated with carbon. 

But there’s not that much fiber here. It’s not a very dense filter because there are not a lot of fibers to be covered with carbon.


 If you want to choose the best air purifier for gas filtration at all, this unit will not clean the room air perfectly. If your budget is under 100$, so you will need to buy this one because, in this budget, this is the best air purifier with high output.

If your budget is under 200$, you can buy a better one, such as the American brand of air purifier Winix C535 with Plasmawave technology. Winix C535 motor has a five-year warranty for this model.

Approximately this air purifier price is 150$ to 170$. Generally, the price depends on where you buy.


Q: Does this come with a filter?

There are two layers of filters. It would be tough to vacuum/wash the internal filter. However, the outer filter, which traps the bigger dust/hair, can indeed be vacuumed.

Q: Is it noisy at high speed?

It isn’t quite at high speed. I’ve got it in my dining area on the primary degree and may hear it at night in my bedroom at the next degree. Maybe not enough to keep me awake because it’s a constant sound, but it’s deafening. It does work well, though. I purchased it to get the bird dander and certainly observe a difference when it’s off or was running. I feel sorry for them because of how loud it is.

Q: How does the UV light work? Is it filter the air inside or the air being blown out?

The UV light will sanitize the particulate matter captured on the HEPA filter, making the air that passes through the filter clean and sanitized.