Dyson TP04 vs TP07: Complete Comparison Guide (2023)

As someone who is concerned about the quality of air in my home, I have been on the lookout for the best air purifier in the market. Among the top contenders are the Dyson TP04 and TP07 models, which have been receiving a lot of attention lately.

I did some research and found out that these two air purifiers have some significant differences in terms of their features and performance. In this blog post, I will be discussing the key differences between Dyson TP04 vs TP07 Air Purifier, to help you make an informed decision when choosing between the two.

Key Different in Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate
  • Working Noise
  • Room Coverage Area & Efficiency
  • Connectivity & Compatibility
  • Weight & Dimensions
  • Oscillation

Complete Comparison Table of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07 

Specification  Dyson Tp04 Dyson Tp07
Room Coverage 290 ft² 460 ft²
CADR(Clean Air Deliver Rate) 90 dust, 81 smoke, 96pollen 95 dust, 106 smoke, 98 pollen
Filters 360 glass HEPA filter+ Activated carbon Filter H13 HEPA filters+ Activated carbon Filter
Ocillation 70° up to 350° 0° up to 350°
Noise Level 56 decibels 38 decibels
Custom Mode Yes Yes
Auto Mode
Yes Yes
Night Mode Yes Yes
Jet Focus Control Mode Yes Yes
Backward Mode Yes Yes
Diffused Mode Yes Yes

Weight & Dimensions of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07:

The Dyson TP04 is slightly larger and heavier than the Tp07, with dimensions of 8.77 x 8.77 x 41.49 inches and a weight of 4.98 kg. The Tp07 on the other hand measures 7.7 x 7.7 x 40.1 inches and weighs 4.65 kg. Both devices are slim and lightweight, making them highly portable for moving around your home to reach difficult spots.

Due to its size and weight the TP04 may be slightly more difficult to man oeuvre around tight spaces than the lighter Tp07 air purifier.

Both models offer excellent suction power that will make light work of dirt, dust and debris in your home or office. With advanced filtration systems they also ensure maximum air quality after use too!

Clean Air Delivery Rate of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07:

An air purifier’s ability to clean the air in your space is measured by the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), which is expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CADR, the more efficient the air purifier is in removing allergens and pollutants from the air.

When comparing the Dyson TP04 and TP07 models, it’s important to look at their CADR ratings for dust, smoke, and pollen. The Dyson TP04 has a CADR rating of 90 for dust, 81 for smoke, and 96 for pollen, indicating that it can effectively filter these particles with good to excellent efficiency rates.

On the other hand, the Dyson TP07 has a slightly better CADR rating for particulate matter, with 95 for dust, 106 for smoke, and 98 for pollen.

This means that the TP07 is even more efficient at removing these particles from the air than the TP04. While both models provide excellent filtration capabilities, the Dyson TP07 has a better CADR rating.

Comparison of Noise Level of Dyson Tp04 vs TP07:

While the Dyson TP04 and TP07 are both excellent air purifiers, they differ in the noise level that they produce. At its highest operating speed, the Dyson TP04 produces 56 decibels of sound, which can be relatively noisy. On the other hand, the Dyson TP07 produces only 38 decibels of sound, making it a quieter option, especially for bedrooms and offices.

Both of these models also have an automatic mode that adjusts their fan speed and noise level, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere in your home or office without any interruptions. Ultimately, the Dyson TP07’s lower noise level makes it a better choice for those who prioritize a quiet environment.

Coverage Area & Efficiency of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07:

Both the Dyson TP04 and TP07 air purifiers use Air Multiplier technology to project purified air throughout the room, but there are differences in their coverage area and efficiency. The Dyson TP04 is designed to cover a maximum area of 27 m² (290 ft²), while the TP07 has a larger coverage area of up to 43 m² (460 ft²).

This makes the TP07 more suitable for larger rooms, providing consistent air flow across a greater space. Although both purifiers can be used in larger rooms, the amount of air changes per hour (ACH) would decrease accordingly.

In terms of efficiency, both devices feature oscillation to evenly distribute the purified air. The TP04 offers four speed options, with a range of 45, 90, 180, and 350 degrees, while the TP07 comes with just two speed options, covering 180 and 350 degrees.

Despite this difference, the TP07 is still the better choice for larger rooms or bedrooms due to its superior coverage compared to the TP04.

Connectivity & Compatibility of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07:

When it comes to connectivity and compatibility, the Dyson TP04 and TP07 air purifiers have different features. The TP04 is compatible with Wi-Fi and the Dyson Link app, allowing for easy control from your phone or other smart device. It can also be integrated with a smart home assistant for added convenience.

On the other hand, the TP07 does not have any Wi-Fi capabilities, so you will need to use the remote control or manual settings to adjust its settings. This lack of connectivity features makes it less convenient to control remotely than the TP04.

However, if you are looking for a straightforward and basic air purifier that has high coverage and efficiently cleans your home air then still Dyson TP07 is a perfect choice for you.

Filters System of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07:

The main difference between the Dyson TP04 and TP07 air purifiers is their filtration system. The TP04 features a 360 glass HEPA filter alongside an Activated Carbon Filter, while the TP07 features are H13 HEPA filters and Activated Carbon Filter, allowing for more effective air cleaning.

Dyson TP04 vs Tp07

Both devices are capable of capturing particles down to 0.3 microns in size and reducing odors with their activated carbon filters. Both filtration systems include a Pre-Filter that captures large dust particles for easier cleaning and maintenance. As such, users can be sure that their air will be filtered efficiently and effectively regardless of which model they choose.

Oscillation of Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07:

The Dyson TP04 and TP07 models differ significantly in the oscillation (degrees) setting. The Dyson TP04 offers an improved oscillation range from 70° up to 350°, while the Dyson TP07 offers a wider range of 0° up to 350°.

This difference means that the TP04 is better suited for more precise and targeted air circulation, while the TP07 can provide a broader coverage area with its wider oscillation settings. Both models are equipped with a remote control for easy adjustment of airflow direction and temperature settings.

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Similarities of Dyson Tp04 and Dyson Tp07 

  • Fan Speed
  • Sensor
  • Display
  • Auto Mode
  • Custom Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Jet Focus Control Mode
  • Diffused Mode
  • Backward Mode

Fan Speed:

Both the Dyson TP04 and TP07 feature 10 fan speeds, ranging from low to powerful. This allows users to customize their environment for optimal comfort and convenience. The fan speed is controlled by a dial on each of the units, allowing for simple adjustments without any complexity or confusion.

The reason why both machines have identical fan speed settings is because they use the same internal components. Both models are equipped with a brushless motor that adjusts its RPMs to allow air flow through the machine at different levels.


The Dyson TP04 and the TP07 both have advanced sensors that allow for precise temperature control. The TP04 is equipped with a dual-sensor system, which utilizes a room sensor to detect Average Room Temperature (ART) and an airflow sensor to measure air velocity within the room. The airflow sensor helps to optimize performance in different environments while maintaining constant comfort levels.


The display of the Dyson TP04 and the TP07 are also remarkably advanced. The LCD displays on both models feature bright color graphics that provide at-a-glance readings of room temperature, humidity level, power mode setting, and filter status. Users can quickly adjust settings simply by using touch controls or voice commands via Alexa or Google Home devices.

Auto Mode:

The Auto Mode of the Dyson TP04 and TP07 is a feature that allows the device to detect the air quality in your home and adjust its settings accordingly. The Auto Mode will automatically turn on when it senses that the air quality needs to be improved, and will increase or decrease its suction power depending on how much pollution is present in the environment. This ensures that you always get clean, fresh air without having to constantly adjust settings. The Auto Mode also helps conserve energy since it only runs when necessary.

Custom Mode:

The Custom Mode of the Dyson TP04 and TP07 allows users to customize their air purification experience according to their needs. This mode provides users with an array of options such as timing, intensity levels, and other settings that can be adjusted for maximum comfort and efficiency.

With the Custom Mode, users can easily adjust the airflow to fit any kind of room or environment, creating a personalized air-purifying experience tailored to their preferences. This mode also helps conserve energy by only running when needed and using less power when possible.

Jet Focus Control Mode:

When it comes to the Jet Focus Control mode of Dyson TP04 and TP07, we can see that these two models share a similar design. Both models feature an adjustable airflow technology, allowing you to choose between a focused stream of air or a wide, gentle diffusion—perfect for any situation.

The great thing about this is that it allows you to customize your experience based on your needs at the time; whether you want powerful directed airflow or gentle all-over coverage, the Jet Focus Control has you covered.

Diffused Mode:

The Diffused mode of the Dyson TP04 and TP07 makes them both highly attractive options for those looking for an air purifier that is gentle on their environment. This mode provides a more dispersed airflow, making it ideal for large rooms or open-plan spaces.

The gentle nature of this feature also ensures that the purified air is delivered evenly throughout the room without any drafts or hot spots. This makes it an excellent choice for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions who need to be protected from strong air flow.

Backward Mode:

The Backward Mode found in both the Dyson TP04 and TP07 vacuums ensures a thorough clean each time. This setting uses reverse cyclonic air technology to spin dust and debris away from surfaces, allowing for deep cleaning with minimum effort.

It’s also an energy-efficient option that can reduce noise levels, making it ideal for homes or offices with noise restrictions. With its powerful suction, the Backward Mode is perfect for tackling hard-to-reach areas and ensuring that no dust particle slips through the cracks.


Both the Dyson TP04 and TP07 air purifiers are excellent choices with a range of impressive features that set them apart from other purifiers. However, the Dyson TP07 proves to be the better option when compared to the TP04 in terms of coverage, noise level, and filters, even though it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. Its adjustable fan speed and powerful suction capabilities are sure to keep your home clean and fresh, while also saving you time and money in the long run. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable air purifier that can meet your needs and expectations, the Dyson TP07 is definitely worth considering.

Related F.A.Qs

What is the difference between a Dyson pure cool TP04 and TP07?

The main difference between Dyson Tp04 vs Tp07 are CARD, Coverage and Oscillation. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 has a 360° Glass HEPA Filter and its Air care coverage area is up to 12m². It also has 350° of oscillation, so you can direct the airflow around the room.

Does Dyson TP07 have WIFI?

No, the Dyson TP07 does not have WIFI capabilities. However, you can use the Dyson link app to control it from your phone or tablet. The app gives you real-time updates on air quality and lets you adjust settings like fan speed and oscillation angle, as well as turn the machine on and off remotely.

How long do Dyson purifiers last?

Dyson purifiers are designed to last for up to 10 years. However, the filter should be replaced at least once a year to keep the air clean and fresh. Regular maintenance will also help extend its lifespan, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintaining your Dyson purifier.

Does Dyson HP07 cool the air?

Yes, the Dyson HP07 is designed to cool the air as well as purify it. It uses a combination of advanced HEPA filters and an activated carbon filter to remove pollutants and odors from the air while cooling it down with its powerful fan. The machine also has an oscillation feature that helps spread cooled air around your room more evenly.r