Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07 Updated Comparison (2023)

As a homeowner, I recently decided to do a comparison between the Dyson HP04 vs HP07 models. After researching their respective features, power, and convenience, I was pleasantly surprised to find that both of these models have a lot to offer in terms of air purification.

But there were some differences between them that might help you make an informed decision as to which one is best suited for your needs. So let’s take a closer look at the incredible features of both the Dyson HP04 and HP07 models!

Key Difference Between Dyson HP04 vs HP07

  • Weight & Dimensions
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate
  • Room Coverage
  • Noise Level
  • Filtration System
  • Heating Capability
  • Sensors

Comparison Table of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07

Specifications Dyson Hp04 Dyson Hp07
Room Coverage 126 square feet 560 square feet
CADR(Clean Air Deliver Rate) 50 cfm 81 cfm
Noise Level 40-57 dB 32-62 dB
H13 HEPA Filter No Yes
360° Glass HEPA Filter Yes No
Oscillation 0-350° 0-350°
Heating Capability 255 square feet. 376 square feet
Auto Mode Yes Yes
Night Mode Yes Yes

Weight & Dimension of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 is impressively lightweight and compact, weighing in at just 3.15 pounds and measuring 8.07”D x 9.76”W x 30.08”H – making it an ideal solution for the smaller spaces in your home or office.

On the other hand, the Dyson HP07 is slightly larger and heavier than the HP04 model. It weighs 5.15 pounds and stands at 11.61”D x 8.86”W x 32.28”H – making it a great option for larger rooms or offices that require more powerful air purification capabilities.

Both models come with smart wall mounts that make them easy to mount on walls or ceiling areas with minimal effort, allowing you to free up floor space while still keeping your air quality at optimal levels!

Clean Air Delivery Rate of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 vs HP07 models have different Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) – the HP04 has a CADR of 50 cfm, while the HP07 model has a CADR of 81 cfm. This difference in Clean Air Delivery Rate means that the HP07 can purify larger areas faster than the HP04.

The higher CADR also gives you an advantage when it comes to air quality control – meaning that your home or office will be safer from harmful airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold spores and other allergens. With its higher CADR, the HP07 is great for bigger spaces where air needs to be purified quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, the HP04 is perfect for smaller areas with lower air pollution levels where a powerful purification system isn’t needed. Both models are also easy to use and ideal for anyone who wants to improve their air quality without having to spend too much time or effort on maintenance. The CADR rating of both models makes them suitable for almost any room size, providing you with clean air whenever you need it!

Room Coverage of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The HP04 is perfect for smaller spaces such as bedrooms and home offices, offering coverage up to 126 square feet. With its powerful filtration system, it works quickly and effectively to clean the air of any room size – leaving you with fresh and clean smelling air.

On the other hand, the HP07 has a much bigger coverage area of 560 square feet, making it ideal for larger areas like living rooms or open-plan spaces. This extra coverage means that more air can be purified at once, ensuring your whole house remains safe from harmful pollutants.

 Dyson Hp 07 prove superior than Hp 04 because of its larger coverage and higher CADR, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their air quality.

Noise Level of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

In the comparision of Dyson HP04 vs HP07 noise level is an important factor to consider when looking for a powerful air purifier. The HP04 produces a noise level of 40-57 dB, making it suitable for use in quieter environments such as bedrooms or home offices. This means that you don’t have to worry about the machine being too loud and disturbing your family or colleagues while they are working.

On the other hand, the HP07 model has a slightly higher noise range of 32-62 dB which can be somewhat louder than the HP04. However, this increased noise level makes it ideal for larger spaces where more air needs to be purified quickly – perfect for living rooms or open plan areas that require powerful air purification capabilities.

The HP04 is ideal as compare to Hp07, if you need a quieter machine For your home or office that cannot irritate you with some kind of whispering noise.

Filtration System of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 and HP07 both use advanced filtration systems to ensure your home or office stays free from harmful airborne pollutants.

  • Hp 04 use 360° Glass HEPA Filter
  • Hp 07 use H13 HEPA Filter
  • Activated carbon Filter

360° Glass HEPA Filter: The HP04 uses a 360° Glass HEPA filter which is incredibly powerful in trapping particles, allergens and other contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size – ensuring that your air remains clean and healthy for everyone around you. On top of this, the HP04 also comes with an activated carbon filter which helps to reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as well as other odors in your home.

Dyson HP04 Vs HP07 filters comparison

H13 HEPA Filter: The HP07 takes filtration to the next level with its H13 HEPA filter which is even more powerful than the 360° Glass HEPA found on the HP04. This filter can capture particles down to 0.1 microns in size, making it incredibly effective at removing dust and allergens from your surroundings. It also has an active carbon filter for reducing VOCs and other odors, ensuring that your air remains fresh and clean throughout!

Activated Carbon Filter: Both Dyson Hp04 and Hp07 has activated carbon filter, which is perfect for reducing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other odors in your home or office. This filter helps to eliminate unwanted smells and keeps the air healthy, ensuring that you can breathe easily without the worry of any harmful gases.

Overall, the Dyson HP07 advanced H13 HEPA filter ensures that every corner of your home or office is free from dust and other contaminants. For this reason, we recommend the HP07 air purifier over the HP04 – ensuring that you have access to clean, breathable air all year round!

Heating Capability of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 and HP07 air purifiers both have the capability to heat a room. The main difference between them is the size of the area they are capable of heating. The HP07 has a maximum heating capacity of 376 square feet, while the HP04 can only heat up to 255 square feet.

This means that if you’re looking for an air purifier with powerful heating capabilities, then the HP07 would be your best option. Both purifiers work by drawing in cold air from outside, filtering it through their advanced HEPA filter and then releasing warm air into your home or office.

The way in which this process occurs is different between models though; whereas the HP04 works through hot-air diffusion (blowing warm air out of the machine), the HP07 is able to use its advanced technology to heat up the air directly. This makes it more efficient than the HP07 – meaning that it can provide more consistent and powerful heating capabilities.

Sensors of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 and HP07 both come with a range of sensors which make them incredibly efficient at air purification. The HP04 has three sensors – an particle sensor, an air temperature sensor, and an air quality (VOCs) sensor. These help to automate the operation of the device, ensuring that it runs optimally based on your environment.

The HP07 also has three sensors to ensure efficient air purification – two sensor for PM 2.5 or PM 10 and third sensor is air quality sensor or a Humidity Sensor. The Humidity Sensor is a particularly powerful addition as it helps to regulate the humidity levels in your home or office so that they stay within acceptable ranges for optimal comfort and health.

With this added level of precision, the HP07 can ensure that your air is purified to the highest possible standard.Both the HP04 and HP07 have sensors which help them to run efficiently and effectively.

However, the addition of a Humidity Sensor on the HP07 makes it particularly powerful when it comes to providing clean, healthy air for all around!

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Similarities between Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07

  • Oscillation
  • Display Screen
  • Connectivity & Compatibility
  • Auto Mode
  • Night Mode

Oscillation of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The ability to oscillate is one of the defining characteristics of an air purifier, and it’s something that makes them incredibly effective at circulating clean air throughout a space. Oscillation involves the device rotating from side to side in order to distribute purified air in all directions.

When it comes to comparing Dyson HP04 vs HP07, both models have a 0-350° oscillation range – allowing them to cover a wide area with their powerful purifying capabilities. However, the HP07 model has been designed with enhanced coverage capabilities meaning it can reach further distances with its oscillations than the HP04.

This means that more areas of your home or office can be reached and effectively cleaned – making it ideal for larger spacer. The HP07 also has a greater range of movement which can provide better coverage and more efficient air purification.

Display Screen of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 and HP07 both have a digital display screen which allows the user to see their air quality readings at a glance. This is incredibly useful for determining whether or not the air in your home or office is clean and safe – as it gives you real-time feedback on the state of your environment.

Both these sensors display status about the inside of your home, including:

  • Label (like Kitchen, Living, Upstairs, Downstairs, etc)
  • Temperature (indoor)
  • Humidity (indoor)
  • Particulate data
  • PM10
  • VOC
  • NO2

Both these sensors display status about the outside of your home, including:

  • Label (generally city name)
  • Current weather icon
  • Air quality index number (AQI)
  • Temperature (outside)
  • Humidity level (outside)
  • Particulate data

Connectivity & Compatibility of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

The Dyson HP04 and HP07 are both incredibly advanced air purifiers and come with a range of connectivity options. The HP04 has three types of connectivity

  • Remote Control
  • Voice Control (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • Smartphone-based App Control (via Dyson Home app)

On the other hand, Dyson Hp07 has four types of connectivity, which includes the above three plus:

  • Display Screen/Physical Unit (limited options)
  • Remote Control
  • Dyson Link App
  • Voice Control (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)

Remote Control:

The remote control ability of both the Dyson HP04 and HP07 air purifiers allows users to conveniently adjust settings, check filter status and access other features without having to physically be near the device.

Dyson Link App:

The Dyson Link App is a mobile application available for both the HP04 and HP07 air purifiers. The app allows users to easily set up, control and monitor their device from their smartphone or tablet.

With the app, users can adjust settings like fan speed, oscillation, timers and more – plus they can also check filter status and receive notifications when it’s time to clean or change filters. The app acts as a hub for all of your connected devices; allowing you to access information about temperature, humidity levels and air quality readings in any room within your home.

Voice Control:

The voice control feature of both the Dyson HP04 and HP07 air purifiers allows users to easily adjust settings, check filter status and access other features by simply speaking commands with their device. This is done through either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant which are both compatible with these devices. With this feature, users can easily set fan speeds, adjust timers, monitor air quality readings and much more – all without having to physically interact with the device itself.

Auto Mode of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

Auto mode is a feature that is found in many air purifiers, including the Dyson HP04 and HP07 models. This mode allows the air purifier to automatically adjust its settings based on the environment it is in – meaning that you don’t have to manually adjust the settings or worry about turning on/off your device when needed.

The Auto Mode on the Dyson HP04 and HP07 air purifiers uses advanced sensors to detect changes in temperature, humidity levels and other environmental conditions. When these changes are detected, it will automatically adjust fan speed, oscillation direction and timer settings in order to optimize performance according to its environment.

Night Mode of Dyson Hp04 vs Hp07:

Night mode is a feature that can be found in many air purifiers, including the Dyson HP04 and HP07 models. This mode allows the air purifier to run at its lowest fan speed setting, reducing noise levels and energy consumption while still effectively cleaning the air. This makes it ideal for use during sleeping hours or when you want a quieter environment.


The Dyson HP07 air purifier is the superior choice when it comes to the features and performance. With its advanced features like Auto Mode, Night Mode along with higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating, wider oscillation range and lower noise levels than the HP04 model – the HP07 provides a more comprehensive experience that has been designed specifically for optimal performance. Therefore, if you’re looking for an air purifier that can effectively clean your home’s air while offering maximum convenience – then the Dyson HP07 is definitely worth considering. It’s no wonder why this device has become one of the top rated air purifiers on the market today!


Is the Dyson HP04 noisy?

It’s not a very loud noise, but it can be noticeable when the fan spin speed is set to a higher level. However, you can adjust the settings on your machine and make sure that it isn’t too loud for your comfort levels. The noise ranges from almost silent to a low hum, depending on how high the fan speed is set at.

How many watts is HP07 Dyson?

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier consumes power of 400 w and has a warranty of 1 year. The power consumption ensures that the machine runs efficiently and also consumes less energy. The warranty covers any hardware defect within 1 year of purchase.

The air purifier is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms and cleans up to 99.97% of allergens, dust, mites and other pollutants from the air in your home or office.

How many watts is Dyson hp09?

It can go from idle (fraction of a watt) to up to 2500W, depending on the suction power setting. The Dyson HP09 Air Purifier consumes power from a maximum of 2500 Watts when running at its highest level, to as little as 10 Watts at idle. It has an effective range of up to 900 Sq Ft and is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.

Which Dyson air cooler is best?

Our top pick would be the Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan. It has great cooling power and silent operation, making it perfect for the summer months. It is also extremely energy efficient, using up to 50% less energy than other fans. Its oscillation feature helps spread cool air throughout your room quickly and efficiently.