Coway AIRMEGA 400 Review in 2023

Coway AIRMEGA 400 has three stages high-speed air filtration system. This AIRMEGA 400 air purifier cleans the sensitive allergies odor, dust, pollution, pet dander, and harmful smells. Coway Airmega 400 air purifier is designed for large room indoor air cleaning. 

Here you will read about the Coway AIRMEGA 400  air purifier review. This post will give you deep information  So that you can easily decide this air purifier best for you or not.

Coway AIRMEGA 400 has three stages high-speed air filtration system. This air purifier cleans the sensitive allergies odor, dust, pollution, pet dander, and harmful smells.

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Top Feature of Coway AIRMEGA 400 Smart Air Purifier

The most advanced AIRMEGA 400 is a light ring sensor that measures indoor air quality in real-time. The brightly colored LED ring indicates the quality of the air.

The AiRMEGA best feature mode automatically changes the air cleaning speed based on the indoor air quality to take breathe healthy air.

When indoor air quality is better, the fan turns slowly. If it becomes unhealthy, the fan spins faster to clean more air at a quicker rate.

Coway Airmega 400 is Energy Star certified and uses 64 watts.

The Eco smart mode helps to save energy. When the air quality is good for 10 minutes, the fan will off automatically. If the pollution sensor detects dust particles in the air, the fan automatically restarts.

In sleep mode, the air purifier fan runs at the lowest speed so it will continue to clean the air all night saving energy while you get a restful night’s sleep.

The AirMega is available in four hundred models series is available with or without Wi-Fi. The AIRMEGA 300 series is also available with or without a Wi-Fi feature.

The AIRMEGA mobile app available for the 400s and 300s gives you the freedom to control your AIRMEGA with your smartphone. 

You can monitor the air quality inside your home check the lifetime status of the filters set. Coway Airmega has a timer with 1, 2, 4, and 8-hours modes. The timer and even control the AIRMEGA remotely AIRMEGA’s dual suction feature pulls in air from both sides, allowing more polluted air and pushing more clean air out.

The AIRMEGA 400s and AIRMEGA 400 can keep the air clean in a room up to 1560 square feet and the AIRMEGA 300s and 300 can cover-up to 1,000 256 square feet.


  • Four Stage Filtration System
  • Best for mold, dust, pet dander, and pollen
  • Best for allergies
  • An indoor air quality monitor sensor
  • Filter’s lifespan indicator
  • The timer function


  • UV light for killing viruses and fungi

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Coway AIRMEGA 400 Filters

AIRMEGA 400 Smart Air Purifier advanced filters remove pollutants as small as 0.3 microns be easy to clean.

Pre-filter captures large particles like hair wool and dust. The max2 filter, with its combined, activated carbon and green true HEPA filter capture and reduces up to 99.97% of airborne particles, including pollen pollutants and other allergens.

AIRMEGA 400 built-in filter lifetime indicators tell you when it’s time to clean or replace either filter, so you never have to worry about it when the wash letters light up. 

You know it’s time to clean the pre-filters when the change letters light up it’s time to replace them to max two filters. This air purifier is available without an ionizing feature.

The Max2 filter’s maximum time changing is one year. But it would help to improve the cleaning fast if you cleaned the pre-filters every month regularly. 


CFM Mean’s cubic feet Minutes of air the air purifier processes each minute. This unit CFM range is 420 to 430.

We like the AIRMEGA series of air purifiers. We want the high output of these units, especially 400 series, an output of about 4 and 24, and 35 I talk about earlier that is a powerful CFM.

That will allow you to use this unit in both smaller rooms and larger ones like us. Like a high-output even the 300 CFM is also on the high side for CFM most air purifiers on the market 10th you hover in the hundred CFM range.

Some units are also up to 250 CFM 300 CFM. So for the 300 series to be up to 350 360 CFM, even at 300 series still provides a very high CFM compared to most other air purifiers on the market.

Now, what is it high output mean? That means this air purifier will be able to process a lot of air over and over again very quickly. It is also going to be able to service larger rooms than lower CFM units.

Coway AIRMEGA 400 Design

Coway AIRMEGA 400 design is significantly advance. The most important thing about the AIRMEGA 400 design is that it helps clean the air from both sides.

The AIRMEGA 400 air purifier will take the little space in your room. The size of this unites the same as a small table. And the weight of this air purifier is 24.7 pounds.

It’s not so heavy, but it has no wheels and only small handholds on the side panels for carrying. You can easily use this air purifier in large rooms.


The AIRMEGA 400 air purifier helps allergies like asthma suffers and other sensitive allergies and reduces sickness chances.

AIRMEGA 400 air cleans the dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and 0.3-micron particles from the room air. And also work for cooking odors.

The is an excellent choice if you find the air purifier for large rooms and offices.

Remember that the 400 covers the area of 1,560 sq. feet. The maximum space is that this air purifier handles easily. It’s much more effective in rooms half that size.

Noise Level of AIRMEGA 400

Coway Airmega has five fan speed modes like Smart, Sleep, Low, Medium, and High. Noise level is almost silent at lower speeds. Max noise at the highest setting is 43.2 DB. 

That’s right and quiet as exceedingly as air purifiers go. It’s don’t irritate you on sleep time because its sleep mode is impressive. On sleep mode, the air purifier runs fully quiet.


Will it remove the mildew smell?

I can not say that the Airmega 400 will clean your home or room mold smells (only fixing the mold problem will do that) but it does an excellent job of mitigating the musty odor that comes with mold or mold in the home.

It has a true HEPA filter with charcoal that’s very good/excellent at keeping other PM down – pet hair and odor, smoke, and dust/dander. I’ve got an older home and live in a wet environment (nearly daily fog most of the year). The Airmega 400 does an excellent job of maintaining that mustiness at a deficient level, but it isn’t anti-microbial, it doesn’t kill mold and mildew spores.

Does this product have ionization or process that has the same benefits?

The AIRMEGA has not an ionizer. It has just a charcoal graphite filter, HEPA filter, and a prefilter. Mostly ionizer technology air purifier produces the ozone, which is harmful to the respiratory tract. This device has HEPA filters that are more effective on particulates than ionizer filters and do not harm your personal lungs.

Does it filter pollutants from fire smoke?

We lived in Western Washington, and here a lot of smoke from Canada, Oregon, and California this summer seemed to clear the air. We felt like we could breathe more comfortably, and it got rid of the smoke odor.