Blue Air Blue Pure 411 Review in 2023

Blue Pure 411 air purifier is the famous model of the Blueair brand. Blue Pure 411 is one of the best cheap air purifiers on the market. Here you read the complete Blueair Blue Pure 411 review with pros and cons.

It has a three-stage filtration such as a Blueair air cleaning filter, a pre-filter, and a carbon filter. The Blue Pure 411 filters clean the 2.5-micron size dust, pollen, pet hair, pet dander, and allergens particles.

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Blue Pure 411 Design

The most beautiful thing about this air purifier is the fabric material pre-filter because you have many colors option in pre-filters for your separate homerooms. 

If you want in black colors fabric pre-filter, you will have the black & white Blue Pure 411 air purifier, or if you wish different like fancy colors, you have five options like Lunar Rock, Crystal Pink, Buff Yellow, Dark Shadow, and Diva Blue.

The Blueair 411 design is similar to the Bluetooth speaker. On top of the Blue Pure 411 are so many holes for better output airflow. And the middle of the holes a big button with a blue LED light. The purpose of this button is to control the fan speeds. 

The Blue Pure 411 is a lightweight and small-size design to easily move it from one room to another. Stick with Blue Pure 411 Review that will help you choose the right air purifier. 

Features of Blue Pure 411

There is no long list of features of this air purifier. It is controlled by just one button. This air purifier is completely simple to use. You click the power button of this air purifier, and it will start working automatically.

Blue Pure 411 air purifier has three fan speed modes. When you plugin and press the top button of this air purifier, it will start working at the lowest speed. After that, if you push the button again, It will go on medium fan speed. If you press again, it will go to the highest rate of this air purifier.

Blue Pure 411 Filters 

Blue Pure 411 has a three-stage filtration system like an air cleaning filter, carbon filter, and a pre-filter.

Blue Pure 411 filters


Blue Pure 411 has six different colors of fabric material washable Pre-filter. The pre-filter is outside of the air purifier. When you feel it’s dirty, you will easily remove and clean this pre-filter. Pre-filter cover the complete other two filters.

Pre-filter cleaning will improve air cleaning performance. This pre-filter aims to capture the large floating particles like pet hair, dust, pollen from the room air. 

Particle filter

The Particle filter of this air purifier is not a True HEPA filter. The particle filter does not clean the 0.3-micron size particles as a HEPA filter cleans. Blue Pure 411 particles filter cleans the 2.5-micron size dust and pollen, and particles. 

Carbon Filter 

A thin layer of a carbon filter is not a positive fact. We are not satisfied with this carbon filter. This type of carbon does not clean the indoor air efficiently. The purpose of a carbon filter in this air purifier is to capture the allergens particles and reduce the bad smells, smoke, and kitchen order.

What do I like about this air purifier?

The most important thing is one hundred and twenty CFM output of this air purifier at a low price. The second thing, The warranty of this air purifier is one to two years, or if you registered your air purifier to the BlueAir company, you get a long-lasting warranty for five years. The significant positive fact of this air purifier is its outstanding energy efficiency. The Blue Pure 411 uses 10 watts of energy on 100 CFM output. 

Our Recommendations: 

This air purifier has some adverse facts. First is the air purifier comes without any metal grill that covers the pre-filter. 

The second thing is it doesn’t come with a True HEPA filter even at this price point. But in the market, several air purifiers available that equipped with a HEPA filter.

Suppose you’re using this unit to lower particle concentration, and you’re not that concerned about it. In that case, this unit will suffice, much like the air filters in your HVAC system will lower particle concentration in a house.

If you want specifically, buy an air purifier for the sole purpose of purifying the air. The central negative fact that this unit doesn’t have a HEPA filter is an issue for us, and it caused concern comparing this unit to others.

Suppose we compare the Blue Pure 411 to Blue Pure 211 Plus. The Blue Pure 211 Plus has a metal grill behind this fabric filter to protect the interior filter. The Blue 211 Plus is in different size and class, and its price more than double. But it has a similar design, fabric pre-filter that covers the bottom of the air purifier. The quality of materials is identical to both air purifiers.

If we compare this unit to the top-rated unit’s companies in the market, we need to differentiate between small air purifiers like this one that outputs at around 100 CFM.

We mostly recommend those units that have a maximum output of 250 CFM. An excellent example of a 250 CFM unit is the Coway Mighty AP-1512HH air purifier.

Let’s look at why we recommend those 250 CFM units over a unit like this one. We like the larger air purifier because you can set this air purifier at a lower speed that will provide you similar CFM output to the smaller unit.

For example, Blue air 411 provides 120 CFM output on the max fan speed level. At that time, this unit’s noise level approximately 65 decibels. This is a high noise level for humans.

And the other side, a Coway Mighty AP-1512HH noise level has approximately 45 dB at the same CFM output. May now you understand why we recommend 250 CFM units over 100 CFM units like this one, so as a final recommendation, would we recommend. This unit would not recommend now. You may be tempted to buy an air purifier like this for a smaller room. 

The smaller CFM may suggest that this is the appropriate unit for that size of a room. However, we would not recommend a unit like this for even a small space.

We recommend that at 250 CFM units set to a lower airspeed for this unit, energy efficiency will be similar between the smaller units like the 120 CFM unit and the larger 250 CFM unit. 

Still, this one will be much louder for that smaller room, which is an issue for us.

We have to say that we like some aspects of the design of this unit. It has a modern aesthetic it has a unique design, which we can appreciate for the fact that it has that modern aesthetic the cylindrical shape the fabric pre-filter that you can pull off, and you can put different colors on here and things of that nature. We would still recommend a 250 CFM unit Coway Might AP-1512HH.