5 Best Energy Efficient Air Purifiers in 2023 (Complete Reviews)

When buying an air purifier, it’s important to consider how energy efficient the model is. Some air purifiers use more energy than others and can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient air purifier, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best energy efficient air purifiers on the market today. We’ll also provide tips on choosing an energy-efficient model and saving money in the process. So if you’re interested in learning more about energy-efficient air purifiers, read on!

How You Can Find the Energy Efficient Best HEPA Air Purifiers To improve Your Home Air Quality?

When you set out to find a new air purifier, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, it’s important to ensure that the model has a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). This means that the machine can quickly remove contaminants from the air. 

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, an air purifier with a higher CADR is likely best for your home. You should also check what kinds of filters an air purifier uses. Some models use washable filters, which help reduce costs over time.  

Before you go out and buy a new air purifier, it’s important to research the model. But after our complete research, we found the best energy-efficient air purifiers for improving indoor air quality. Energy Star also verifies these, so you can also go with our recommended air purifiers.

List Of The 5 Best Energy Efficient Air Purifiers For Improving Living Rooms Air Quality 

  1. Bissell Air220( High CADR Rating )
  2. LEVOIT Core 300(Top Rated Medium Rooms Air Purifier)
  3. Hathaspace HSP001 (Energy Efficient-Good Price )
  4. Blueair Blue Pure 411 (Overall Best)
  5. Winix 5300-2(Best True HEPA Air Purifier)
  6. InvisiClean Aura(Cheap Price Air Purifier)

Bissell Air220 Air Purifier:

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The Bissell Air220 is an advanced, modern-looking machine with several different features. It offers you the option to pick from three different fan settings and two different filtration systems: True HEPA filter and Carbon filter. These filters are easily switched out when one needs to be replaced or cleaned.  

The Bissell Air220 is a fan-less purifier that emits a very quiet sound of 25 decibels. This machine has an incredibly sleek profile that takes up less than 1 square foot of space, making it perfect for desks or nightstands. 

It offers easy-to-clean filters and gives the user multiple filtration options with True hepa filter and Carbon filters, easily changed out without tools. The unit lacks any obvious method for carrying it around, so you need to pick it up if moving it between rooms or floors. This device comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Bissell Air220 Coverage:

The Bissell Air220 has a coverage area of up to 450 square feet, meaning that it is great for small and medium-sized rooms. It runs on a lithium battery that takes roughly 3 hours to fully charge and offers around 15-20 hours of run time on one charge. This machine can be switched between three different fan speeds: low, medium, and high – the highest being the loudest. 

Bissell Air200 Air Purifier Power Consumption: 

The Bissell Air200 air purifier uses about 35 watts on high speed and 7.5 watts on low speed – that is quite a bit less than the 1,400 watt Monster of a cleaner we reviewed before!  Bissell air purifier is one of the best energy efficient air purifier.

LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier: 

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The LEVOIT Core 300 air purifier is a great entry-level machine for those looking to eliminate the common allergens in their home. It has carbon filters and UV lights that can be very useful in conquering: pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and more. 

What makes this particular brand stand out? Well, it’s all about suction power; The LEVOIT Core 300 has an impressive CADR(clean air delivery rate) rating of 160 (high), which means that it will clear contaminants from your indoor air quickly! Another major benefit of owning this product is its price point: at roughly $200 on Amazon, we think this unit offers top-notch value for the price.  

Filters of LEVOIT Core 300: 

This unit utilizes many different filters: HEPA, Pre-filter, Carbon filter, and the new Silver Ion filter, which reduces bacteria, germs, mold spores, etc. This machine has three fan speeds: low, medium, and high, with the highest speed being quite loud.

True HEPA Filter Of LEVOIT Core 300:

The True HEPA filter of the Levoit Core 300 improves air quality by trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns- that is even smaller than what you’d find in PM2.5 air pollution! The Silver Ion filters are meant to keep your air free of bacteria, germs, and mold spores.

Activated Carbon Filter Of LEVOIT Core 300:

This Filter can capture common air contaminants that include odors, gases, chemicals, and VOCs. One downside of the activated carbon filter is that it will smell if you do not change it often enough, so be sure to change them about once every six months. 

LEVOIT Core 300 Coverage Area:

Levoit Core 300 is a great purifier for medium-sized rooms with a coverage area of 260 square feet with the high-speed fan running – the low speed will cover up to 140 square feet. It comes with an 8 hour run time on one charge, giving it about 50 hours overall.

LEVOIT Core 300 Power Consumption: The LEVOIT Core 300 uses about 28 watts on low power and 36 watts on high power – not too bad at all!

Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier:

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The Hathaspace HSP001 purifier is a great choice for those looking to get rid of common contaminants in their home. It utilizes different filters, including a True HEPA filter, carbon filter, and a washable pre-filter.  

This unit has three different speeds: low, medium, and high – the highest being quite loud, so we recommend keeping it on quiet mode unless you need the extra power! 

CADR Rating Of Hathaspace HSP001:

This particular air purifier comes with an impressive CADR(clean air delivery rate) rating of 188 (high), which means that it will quickly remove air-born contaminants from your home.  

Hathaspace HSP001 Filter List:

The Hathaspace HSP001 comes with a built-in high-quality true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter designed to improve the air quality by capturing various types of contaminants, including odors, chemicals, VOC’s, smoke particles, and more. It also has a washable pre-filter which you should replace every three months for optimal performance. 

Power Consumption Of Hathaspace HSP001:

This air purifier uses about 60 watts on the highest speed (which is quite loud) and 31 watts on low mode – not too shabby! The runtime depends on usage, but you can expect anywhere from 5-to 10 hours.   

Hathaspace HSP001 Noise Level:

This unit has three different speeds (low, medium, and high), and we recommend keeping it on the quiet mode unless you need to clear the air quickly – the highest speeds can be quite loud!

Hathaspace HSP001 Specifications:

This model comes equipped with an activated carbon filter, true HEPA filter, pre-filter (washable), child lock, and a LED indicator light Hathaspace HSP001 Filter Replacement: This air purifier comes with one replacement filter, and you can expect to replace it once every 6-9 months depending on your environment.  

CADR Rating Of Hathaspace HSP001:

The CADR rating of this particular air purifier is 188 (high), which means that it should be able to remove the vast majority of airborne contaminants from your home. You can expect it to clear almost all chemicals, odors, smoke particles and minimize airborne particulates such as dust and pet dander.

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier:

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Blue Pure 411 is an excellent air purifier for larger rooms and spaces with a coverage area of up to 465 square feet (single speed), making it perfect for large homes. It comes equipped with a HEPA-type filter designed to remove odors, gases, particles, and various other air-born microbes from your environment.

CADR Rating Of Blueair 411:

This particular model has a CADR rating of 294 (high) and comes equipped with four different types of filters, making this unit suitable for just about any home situation!

Blueair 411 Air Purifier Filters:

This machine comes equipped with both activated Carbon and pre-filters along with the standard HEP A filter making it capable of removing common contaminants such as smoke, odors, chemicals, and more.

Blue Pure 411 Specifications:

This unit is a 4-speed machine with a quiet mode included so you can run it in your bedroom without being disturbed! It also has an auto-off timer which can be set for up to 12 hours, making this a good option for all types of homes.

Blueair 411 Replacement Filter Cost: One replacement filter runs about $125 each and lasts 6-9 months depending on use – we highly recommend getting several (especially if you and your partner have different sensitivity!) and using them to rotate out. This way, one is always working while the other is resting or being cleaned.

Blue Pure 411 Filters Life Span:

The Blue Pure 411 claims a filter life of up to 3 years; however, we recommend replacing your filters every six months just in case! This ensures that you get the most effective performance from your purifier. 

You can tell when to replace your filters by checking their appearance. Over time they will turn from white to yellowish, so if yours looks like this, definitely consider getting a replacement for optimal performance!

Blue Pure 411 Power Consumption: 

This Blue Pure 411 uses 88 watts on low and 195 watts on its highest setting. This is very reasonable compared to other purifiers, and it has a fairly quiet operation suitable for any size room or office!

Blue Pure 411 Warranty: This unit comes with a 2-year warranty which is pretty standard these days; however, we like to see more (generally at least 3, but up to 5 years would be even better!), especially since this air purifier tends to be a little pricier than many others on the market!

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier: 

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The Winix 5300-2 is a high-powered machine with a CADR rating of 407 (High), making it one of the most effective air purifiers on the market. It also comes equipped with a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and True HEPA filter design to remove odors, chemicals, gases, smoke particles, allergens, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and more!

Winix Air Purifier Pre Filter:

This particular model comes equipped with two standard pre-filters, which you can wash or replace depending on your preferences! You can expect to get about six months out of them before needing replacement. Keep in mind that this is not an expensive item (costs less than $15!) and is a great investment as it allows you to keep your machine running efficiently and effectively!

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Filter:

Winix, 5300-2, comes equipped with three types of filters (pre, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon), making it suitable for just about any living situation. The pre-filter is washable, saving you money in the long run and making maintenance much easier!

Winix 5300 Specifications:

This unit has 4-speed settings and includes an automatic function that slowly increases the fan speed when necessary depending on the number of contaminants present in the air at any given moment.

It also features a normal mode and an energy-saving mode so you can save some cash on your electric bill if needed – we love the fact that this is included in the powerful Winix 5300-2!

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier Noise Level:

Winix 5300-2 is surprisingly quiet at Low fan speed mode – 23 dB Medium mode – 48 dB High mode – 57 dB Auto mode – 56-60 db.

Winix 5300 Warranty:

Winix 5300 comes with a 3-year warranty, which is on par with other top-quality machines. However, we would like to see them offer at least five years max and include even more pre-filters! If you are looking for both an air cleaner and air purifier, look no further than The Winix 5300-2 Allergen remover/cleaner. 

The only product capable of removing common contaminants such as smoke, odors, chemicals, and viruses, the Winix 5300-2 Allergen Remover/Cleaner removes up to 99.97% of common contaminants in just minutes using patented PlasmaWave Technology. 

Power Consumption of Winix 5300-2:

This unit uses about 99 watts at the highest speed, which is pretty good compared to other air purifiers. We also like its energy efficiency function and automatic setting for different situations.

Winix 5300-2 Dimensions:

This air purifier is 23.4 x 11.6 x 13 inches and weighs about 20 pounds, so it’s slightly larger than other purifiers; however pretty standard for this type of machine.

Winix Air Purifier User Interface:

There are four buttons on the control panel, including one that changes between high, medium, low, eco, auto modes. Another to turn the pre-filter light on or off (a nice feature!). There is also a button to give you info about your Filter’s life span and power options!

Winix 5300-2 Build Quality & Materials Used: The air cleaner is made in China using plastic throughout! We like the doors to show when your filters need to be changed; however, the overall build quality is pretty standard for this product.

Winix Air Purifier Amazon Rating: 

Four stars out of 5 with over 200 reviews! Many satisfied customers like its three different filters, and it works effectively to remove odors, allergens, dander, dust, mold spores, bacteria, and particles! 

The only real downside we noticed was some complaints about the noise level (nothing major), but some mention that it’s not too bad.

We would also like to see them improve build quality using more metal components on their machines – especially since they are on the pricey side! Overall a good machine for those looking for mainly air cleaners with some features designed for purifiers!

InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier:

The InvisiClean Aura Premier is a highly effective air purifier that removes harmful pollutants from the air in your home. This is a great choice if you have asthma or allergies and need a unit with multiple filtration levels. It has 4-stage Filtration, a quiet fan, and lots of features!


4-Stage Filtration is used on True HEPA Filter (carbon pre-filter) to remove even the smallest particles such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold spores! This gives it some heavy-duty power when deodorizing and cleaning up tough smells and makes it a great choice for asthma and allergies. Another nice feature is an indicator light to let you know when your filters need changing!

The 4-stage filtration system includes:

1) A pre-filter that captures larger particles such as pet hair, dust, etc. This pre-filter can be washed, so it not only extends the life of the Filter but also ensures that more of these harmful particles are caught before entering into your True HEPA filter!

2) The First stage of the True HEPA Filter, which captures 99% of airborne particles, including pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold spores down to 0.3 microns in size – this is important because smaller air pollution particles are more likely to cause health issues.

3) the second stage of the True HEPA filter captures other airborne particles such as pet dander, dust mites, and allergens down to 0.1 microns in size; this is crucial when it comes to removing odors because the majority of these particles that cause odor and air quality problems are under 0.1 microns! Finally, we have:

4) A Medical Grade true HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles, including household chemicals, smoke, cooking grease, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), etc. This level is especially good for those who suffer from asthma or allergies and want an effective purifier for any unwanted smells in your home! The nice thing about having three different HEPA filters is that it ensures you get an extremely thoroughly clean.

5) An activated carbon pre-filter that also captures larger airborne pollutants but, more importantly, removes odors! This Filter works very well at capturing cooking, pet, and smoke smells in the kitchen or anywhere else where there are high levels of cooking grease or smoke odors.

6) A Germicidal UV light kills bacteria, viruses, and mold spores on contact – making this a great choice for allergy sufferers who may be sensitive to household germs! It even has Smart Sensors, which automatically sense harmful airborne pollutants in your home and adjust fan speeds accordingly (great for times when you are not around or sleeping). There is an ultra-quiet fan feature as well as a sleep mode.

Filter Replacement:

Every 6-8 months, depending on use. That’s an insane amount of time, especially when you consider how much air this unit passes through every hour! Always check the clean filters before turning them on to keep them running optimally. Also, be sure to regularly wipe down the front display with a soft cloth and the top and sides of the unit, which tend to accumulate dust over time.


A built-in air quality monitor measures temperature and humidity and has a sensor to measure fine particles. The display panel on the front of the unit lets you know what your current air quality is like – helping you decide if you need to increase the fan speed or turn it off for a few hours.

The InvisiClean Aura Premier also comes with four different pre-programmed settings to choose from Sleep Mode, Allergy Boost, Turbo, and Smart Sensors. With Sleep Mode activated, it automatically increases fan speed when additional airborne pollutants are sensed and decreases when they aren’t so that it’s quieter and doesn’t waste energy by having the fan run at full power all night long.

As an allergy sufferer, the Allergy Boost is a great feature that increases fan speed keeping pollutants such as pollen and dust mites at bay. Turbo Mode is perfect for increasing airflow in your home, and Smart Sensors help increase the energy efficiency when it needs to by automatically turning up or down depending on air quality!

InvisiClean Aura Coverage:

 Included with the InvisiClean Aura Premier is a very generous three-year warranty as well as a ten-year life expectancy for the unit itself. As far as coverage goes, it will clean anywhere from 100-250 square feet per hour depending on the fan speed selected and has a room size coverage of up to 540 square feet.

InvisiClean Aura Power Usage:

This unit is incredibly energy efficient and will only use as much power as it needs to. The minimum power consumption is just 24Watts at low fan speed but can increase to a maximum of 249 Watts when the fan is set on Turbo Mode.

How To Decrease The Power Consumption of An Air Purifier?

1. Turn off the Air Purifier at night and when it is not needed

* Apply this one of the most simple yet effective tips that can help to decrease your more electricity usage of air purifiers.

2. Use Air Purifier with sleep mode enabled

* Many modern models of air purifiers come with a replaceable physical switch called “Sleep Mode .”It turns on the unit for a few minutes every hour or so when enabled. This way, our body will not be exposed constantly to chemicals and airborne pollutants, and we save on electricity (just like any other appliance). No studies are resulting in direct harm from using an air purifier 24/7, but why not use this option? It is there anyway.

3. Use Air Purifier when needed

* In our busy days is hard to remember when we last used the air purifier and if we need it right now or not. It is good to put a humidifier in the next room or front of the entrance door to inform us when the air quality level goes below a threshold by using a blinking LED light. When you see this blinking light, switch on your unit. “There’s no use in having an air purifier if you’re leaving it off all day long.”

4. Clean the Filter regularly to remove dust and other particles

* A dirty filter reduces air flow – which means less clean air output from your machine! You can DIY dust removal from your Filter by using compressed air or brushing it to avoid damage.

5. Clean the Air Purifier regularly

* Dust particles accumulate over time within the unit and affect the airflow (see point 4), reducing air quality output. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean internal parts of your Air Purifier without tampering with electric circuits, fans, or other internal parts that can easily be damaged/broken during the cleaning process. Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning but instead use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) mixed with a water solution. NOTE: Never try to open any internal part(s) of your air purifier, especially when you do not know how they work! Users are warned against tinkering with the electrical circuit, fans, or easily broken components.

6. Use your Air Purifier together with an air freshener for better results

* Although not everyone might agree on this, using an air purifier in combination with a room scent contributes to achieving much better results than using either of the two devices separately! Using them simultaneously makes sense as the chemicals used in most scents can affect test equipment readings, so it is best to remove them from our indoor environment. NOTE: Avoid using cheap scented candles (e.g., Votive candles) as they produce toxic chemicals (and smell disgusting too!) due to their chemical composition that is harmful, especially for asthma & allergy sufferers! Additionally, cheap candles do not produce enough heat to vaporize their fragrance properly, so don’t expect your room to smell like lavender while you burn some cheap candles!

7. Use Air Purifier in combination with air ionizer for maximum results

* This is the best tip that can help to decrease your electricity usage of air purifier significantly; however, it works only when following ALL other tips above (like putting on Sleep Mode) and setting up the right environment where this combo will work best (e.g., no dust, pets, smokes or anything else that might interfere with the process). The benefit of using an Ionizer is due to its ability to charge particles in our indoor environment, which makes them stick together easily (see also: How an Ionizer works? ) NOTE: When using an Air Purifier together with an Ionizer, keep in mind that the airflow speed MUST be lower than 10x smaller than that of the Air Purifier fan speed. Example 1: If your room is 20m2 and your Air Purifier has a 300m3/h fan speed, set up your Ionizer to have at least 6-7 m3/h minimum airflow. Example 2: If your room is 30m2 and your Air Purifier has a 500m3/h fan speed or more (it does not matter how big it is!), set up your Ionizer to have at least 7-10 m3/h as its minimum airflow wind speed).

8. Last but not least: use your Air Purifier in combination with a Negative Ion Generator

* As mentioned above, this is one of the most effective ways to decrease electricity usage of air purifiers. At the same time, we get rid of annoying smells and dust particles *very quickly!* All you need to do is turn on both devices (i.e., Negative ion generator and an Air Purifier) and let them work together so that they can give you a clean & fresh indoor environment in no time. NOTE: If you’re looking for low-cost Negative Ion Generators, I recommend checking out Dylos products. [Our staff has tested this product, and its air quality measurements were found to be very reliable.]

9. Use Ionizer only when needed

* Air Ionizer is a good solution for those who have pets, smokers, or want to get rid of dust from the air. In normal cases, it is not necessary to run an ionizer all the time as it can be quite annoying as it will give you a feeling as if there is some humidity in your room even if you do not need one! Most people don’t feel comfortable with this and tend to change the indoor environment quickly, which leads to more electricity usage of air purifiers. NOTE: Never use cheap ionizers because they are useless and sometimes dangerous – do NOT buy them at local stores or from local dealers! Cheap ionizers often produce ozone which causes severe health issues during long-term use!

10. Clean or change the Air Purifier Filters frequently

* We all know that dust is the #1 cause of allergies and its effect on our health, so we need to clean our filters regularly to eliminate all this dirt and avoid increasing electricity usage of air purifiers. If you use a true HEPA filter, make sure you replace them every six months (at least), depending on how dirty it gets. Although some companies say their filters can last for more than a year, I do NOT recommend doing so because they’re made from low-quality materials that often do more harm than good. 


To successfully decrease electricity usage of air purifiers, follow these ten best tips above, and you will be surprised how much money you can save per year or month!