Trusted AZEUS GL-FS32 Review in 2023


The complete trusted AZEUS GL-FS32 review would give you wide information about AZEUS GL-FS32 So that you can easily decide this air purifier is the better choice to you.

Asia seven in one air purifier for a large room up to 540 sq. ft. This air purifier has two right HEPA filters with a UV sanitizer and a smart sensor.

51RvWX+kPnS. SL500AZEUS air purifier eliminates germs, allergies, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, mold odors. It’s also an excellent ideal for persons who suffer from allergies.

You can also use this air purifier in large and small rooms, nurseries,


 kitchens, basements, and offices.

Seven in one air purification system with a true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, pre-filter, and UV light absorbed formaldehyde particles.

AZEUS is the best air purifier for people with asthma, which will reduce the chances of your sickness with indoor allergies.


AZEUS GL-FS32 Air Purifier for Large Room: The High efficient air purifier covers an area of up to 540 sq. ft. Five times clean the air of 380 sq. ft. space per hour. 2.5 times clean the air of 540 sq. ft. per hour.

You can easily use this air purifier in significantly smaller rooms. The modern design of AZEUS easily fits any space like a small room, large room, kitchens, living room, and basements.

Auto-Air Quality Sensor With Auto Mode: 


AZEUS GL-FS32 Air Purifier has an air quality indicator that measures the live air quality and displays with different color-coded air quality levels. 

Such as the red color means the room air quality is poor. The green color means the room air quality is Moderate. If the indicator light color is blue, the air quality is good for human health.

When the indicator detects the room air quality, the air purifier automatically goes on low-level of fan speed.

Low Energy Consumption:

it just uses 60 watts of energy at the highest fan speed. If you use this air purifier at the lowest settings, the electricity cost will be fifty cents.

Sleep Mode: 


AZEUS GL-FS32 on sleep mode quietly work, and the air quality automatically shut down. It’s dark and quiet when you’re sleeping.


Suppose you want your air purifier to work for a limited time in a day. Then the timmer mode o this air purifier will help you. You just set the time when the air purifier shutdown, So the timmer mode automatically off the air purifier.

Filters Lifetime light Indicator: 


The filter lifetime light indicator indicates the light when the air purifier filters have been operating for 2,000 hours. It’s now you need to change both a HEPA filter and carbon activated filter.


  • Seven Stage Filtration System
  • Best for mold, dust, pet dander, and pollen
  • Best for allergies and asthma suffers
  • Filter’s lifespan indicator
  • An indoor air quality monitor sensor
  • UV light for killing viruses and fungi


  • The fan is very noisy

AZEUS GL-FS32 FIlters Cleaning Systems

41YuOCR7vmL. SL500


Pre-filter of this air purifier cleans the macroparticles from the indoor air. Per-filter increases the performance level of other filters. It is a washable filter and useable for a lifetime.

Activated Carbon Filter and True HEPA filter cleans dust, mold, smoke, odor, allergens cooking odors, and pet fur.

A HEPA filter captures the 0.3-micron size particles and cleans the 99.97% indoor air.

It is the powerfully efficient air cleaner that prevents Respiratory Problems, Allergic Reactions, and Asthma.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Check Latest Price On Amazon

The most crucial purification system is UV light. Many air purifiers are available in the market, but only a few air purifiers have both, like UV light and HEPA Filtration. A UV light bulb cleans germ, fungi, and bacteria from the room and houses indoor air.


Q: Has anybody experienced benefits from using this filter to their respiratory ailments brought on by infections or allergies?

Certainly! I have used mine every night in my bedroom for the previous few weeks. We have carpeting, which will not vacuum as frequently as it needs to, and I typically sleep with the window open. Therefore pollen and dust were always an issue to the point where often I’d wake up with itchy eyes and sneezing. But because I started with this, no sneezing or itchy eyes!

Q: How often should I change the filters?

It has to be cleaned off once a month and replaced every 6-8 months. After about 2,000 hours of work, four parts of the timer indicator will light up to let you replace the filter.

Q: Any suggestions as to when to use the different fan speeds? Is a fully lit speed button signify an auto fan?

I have experimented with all three speeds. Since I have a large downstairs family room 540 sq. ft. or longer, I use the high speed when I first turn it on, but I alter the speed to moderate after a short time. Finally, I use minimal speed if I’m in the room for an extended time. I shut the purifier off once I am finished and restart it in the afternoon. Regarding the question regarding the automobile fan, yes, I feel that it signifies an automobile fan when fully lit. The instructions could have been more complete, but the air purifier functions very well, and I figured out all of the features myself. Glad to Assist.