Do Air Purifiers Help With Allergies? 

An air purifier can work for different kinds of allergies like dust, pet hair, mold, smoke, and asthma. Some of the air purifiers work for viruses. 

You think the indoor air is utterly pure for breathing. But this is not. The indoor air is polluted more than 3 to 5 times outdoor polluted air. So this is the big reason you need fresh air.

If you choose the right air purifier for your large room, bedrooms,  home, and kitchen, you will easily get rid of different kinds of air allergies and skin allergies. Here we also cover the air purifier works for which kind of allergies.


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Does an air purifier help with mold? 

A big question in your mind if it helps, then how. Various varieties of air purifiers available in the market, But some can remove mold, and some cannot if you discover mold in your home. And now you wonder, does an air purifier help with mold, or is that just a myth? 

Mold can be a severe problem for your health. And it can also be a real pain how to get rid of mold. But an air purifier will help you to remove mold. 

If you want an air purifier that can remove airborne mold spores. Then at least you need HEPA air filter technology in your air purifier. 

A HEPA air filter can capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, include mold spores. If you want to remove mold smell, you will need an air purifier with an activated carbon filter. This filter is the only one that can trap molecules and produce musty odors. 

And finally, if you want an air purifier that can kill mold spores, you will choose an air purifier with the ultraviolet light method. This light destroys the mold spores. So they can not reproduce. 

Now keep in your mind that an air purifier can only stop the airborne mold spores. It can not get rid of molds that are actively growing on a surface. It would help if you cleaned it with yourself. 

Do air purifiers work for pet dander and pet hair. 

 Yes, Some air purifier also works for pet dander and pet hair and some not. If you want to get rid of your pet’s dander and pet’s hair, so you need to choose the right air purifier for your home. Pet dander and pet hair also pollute the indoor environment and cause many diseases. 

An air purifier with these three different air filter technologies will be good for cleaning pets’ dander and pet hair. 

  • Pre-Filter 
  • HEPA Filter  
  • Activated Carbon Filter

Untitled design 2 768x576 1The first is a pre-filter for catching big airborne particles.    The second is the HEPA filter that filters through the lingering particles. The third is the activated carbon filter that absorbs and eliminates odors. And you will get rid of pets’ dander and pet hair. 

Do Air Purifiers Work For Dust? 

 Yes, an air purifier also works for dust but does not clean your home entirely from dust. It would be best if you even cleaned your house. Air purifiers can help with dust with two things.

The second is the HEPA filter technology. This filter technology is only certified to capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, including ultrafine dust. 

If you have an air purifier with a True HEPA filter, it can reduce the dust volume that accumulates inside a room. 

But that’s only true if you follow this second piece of advice. Must size the air purifier you choose correctly for the room. 

If it’s underpowered, then it won’t work very well. To get the right size air purifier, it must cover the total square footage of the room. To measure square footage, follow this quick guide: Now you know, will an air purifier help with dust. 

Does An Air Purifier Help With Smoke? 

Do air purifiers help with smoke? There are many ways your house can get polluted by smoke. 

The pollution could be secondhand from smoking neighbors or just you smoking your cigarettes beside cigarette smoke. 

With the recent wave of weed legalization across different US states and countries. You might find yourself having to deal with the terrible stench of marijuana smoke. 

Moreover, you could be dealing with a more dangerous situation like a wildfire forest fire or volcano smoke. 

Whatever your case, you probably ended up here because you wondered if air purifiers can help smoke well in a nutshell. 

Air purifiers can help you with smoke and smoke odors from various sources; however, only individual air purifiers can be available. 

The best air purifiers for smoke include true HEPA filter air purifiers combined with an activated carbon filter or eight photocatalytic oxidation air purifiers. 

Other air purifiers cannot deal with smoke odor and trap or destroy all the harmful air contaminants. 

Do air purifiers help with asthma? 

Yes, An air purifier is helpful for asthmatic allergies. The air inside your home is the deciding factor on your asthmatic reactions, so keeping down the particulates and chemical triggers should be a top priority for any asthma and allergy sufferer. Stated asthma is a condition where the bronchi of the lungs are having spasms, and in most medical cases, this is a direct result of an allergic reaction, according to health. 

That’s why you wonder about an air purifier. It would help if you needed to choose the right air purifier. 

First of all, an air purifier containing a HEPA filter is the best for the whole house air purifier for those looking to prevent inhaling harmful microorganisms and beyond HEPA filtration. If someone with Asthma should be equally concerned about the mitigation of chemical triggers from their air purifier. The best air purifier system is your solution to remove VOCs from your home both safely and effectively.