If you use an air purifier for several months and wonder, for now, your air purifier needs a thorough cleaning. So I told you how you clean your air purifier better if your air purifier needs cleaning or replacing. This guide will give you a general idea. 

First of all, you unplug the air purifier. If your air purifier has a replaceable filter changing it is relatively straightforward. It will improve the performance if you clean the air purifier filter every month. This cleaning will also enhance your air purifier filter’s life. You wash your air filter with a brush attachment vacuum monthly. When the filter’s changing time, many air purifiers alert with indicator light. And some air purifier models are based on the warnings of a set number of hours or runtime. Instead of how dirty your air purifier filter. So if you do not use your machine under particularly harsh conditions, You will be able to use it out of your air filter. 

The most important thing is you need to change your air purifier filter after 6 to 12 months. Many air purifiers with permanent filters. Those also need cleaning too. After two or three months, you will clean with a vacuum both sides of your air purifier’s permanent filters. 

Always consult your manual because each air purifiers brands are different.

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For Example:

Some air purifier has a washable filter. And many of the air purifiers suggest soaking the debris collection plates in a mild detergent for ten minutes and then smoothly rubbing with a soft brush. 

Be sure whatever you wash is completely dry before you put it back in. Many air purifiers also have pre-filters, which collect larger particles before they reach the primary filter. Some can be washed or vacuumed. 

On the other hand, some models contain pre-filters that need to replace after every three months. So keep an eye on those. Use a soft, damp fabric to clean the outside and the air inlets and outlets of your air purifier. 

And, remember, air purifiers can only remove allergens, viruses. When they’re floating in the air and won’t capture particles that settle on furniture and flooring. So always dust, vacuum, and if you can, ventilate with clean, outdoor air. 

How to clean HEPA filter & How to clean the nonwashable HEPA filter 

If your air purifier has a washable HEPA filter, then anyone can clean it. Supposed to throw it away and buy another one, it’s not only cost you a lot of money in the long run. But also sends a lot of unnecessary trash to the landfill now. 


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 Right now, these may not be in stock because of the high demand. And even if they are in stock. He may not want to expose yourself by going down to the store and purchase these, or you don’t want to wait for them to ship to you, or you realize that these filters are built so well. You can wash them multiple times and never have to buy a new one. It’s working like new but improves performance and do better than before. 

First of all, you take your HEPA filter outside and clean it with a brush attache vacuum. The vacuum will remove all the big particles from your HEA filter. 

The next step fills a sink with hot water. As the sink is filling up, you’ll add a small amount of laundry detergent to it. It can be a dry or liquid laundry detergent doesn’t matter. Make sure it’s all dissolved and mixed with the water. Now, if you have compassionate hands, you may want to wear gloves. While doing this, once the sink is full, it will immerse the dirty filter into this solution and now will begin to agitate it and sort of wash the fluid through the filter, letting it flow through the filter.

You’ll be a little nauseous and surprised just how much trash. And refuse this filter has collected over the months. Now, remember you’re dealing with wet paper here. So maintain the urge to blast this thing with a powerful water nozzle. It will mess up the paper. Next, we’ll just let it absorb for 15 minutes in this solution. If you want to soak it for longer than that’s fine now.

We’ll drain off all that dander and pollen and Coronas right down the drain. We’ll rinse it out again, filling the sink with hot water pretty much do the same thing we did when we had it in the soap solution, just agitated and let the water flow through the filter now as an option if you want to make sure that the filter is sterile you can add some bleach to it. Without destroying the media, okay, now we’ll dry the filter out again.

The emphasis here is to avoid damaging the wet filter medium by putting the damp filter on top of a folded up towel terry cloth towel. Will the water whip out of the filter into the towel. This is effective. It only takes about 30 minutes for them to get to the point for the next step, and again we want to protect that delicate paper.

Still, you don’t want to bless it with a stream of air or damage it with a heat gun or a hairdryer. Just let it do its thing. It’ll work now. After 30 minutes, the filter is still slightly damp. Still, it’s enough to prevent a lot of airflow from going through it. This air filter cleaning improves the performance of your air purifier. Do not use this cleaning method for a long time because a new air filter is better for this filter cleaning.